I will revise these designs soon. I still didn’t get over these feanorians and their weapons. 

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This photo was from several months ago. :-(


I don’t say this lightly,

but oh fuck

I live in LA so I just thought I’d add a little more information about this for those of you who don’ know a lot about the drought. 

here’s the latest updated map I could find

All of California is now in a moderate drought and above. As of August, over half of California is turning into the dark red zone, which is an exceptional drought, which is, of course, very bad. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that we are fined to up to $500 if we are seen wasting water (sprinklers watering the pavement instead of plants, etc), and some cities are enforcing water rationing laws.

Our agriculture and economy is even being affected. Many farmers are losing their jobs because their plants are dying and not being watered enough. Some farmers are tearing down many of their crops so that the water that would have been used for those can be used for other crops. I should remind you that California provides over half of the country’s food, so this will not only affect the people who live in California, but everyone in the U.S. as well.

There’s also a chance that if the drought continues for the next year, then there’s a chance that we might have to migrate out of California.

So, for those of you living in California, please conserve your water! Every drop counts! Even doing little things like throwing the ice cube you dropped into a plant to water it instead of throwing it into the sink will help! For more ways to save water, check here

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Here’s Lake Shastina, where my town Montague gets its water:


That was taken in April. The last delivery from it came this week; now we’re holding our breath to see if an emergency pipeline will be ready to take over in mid-September, or if we’ll be trucking in water from Yreka, the next town over. (Though my partner and I actually live way on the outskirts, with our own well. Lucky fuckin us.)

And here are the deer that spotted me watering a plant from a bucket:



And I know, I know you shouldn’t feed and water the wild things, but even though stags are notoriously shy, they heard and smelled that water and came right into the yard. I didn’t have the heart to drive ‘em off. Lil’ fuzzyhorns.

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  • Question: Hi! I love your fics and congrats for the followers :) Could you write a fic in that Feanor dresses up as santa claus for his sons? - mikroeinaitomatisou
  • Answer:


    Yay, thank you! I’m glad you like my stories <3 

    This upcoming very fluffy fic is set in some sort of modern verse (with the kids all aged closer to each other because this works better that way) I guess, because I don’t even have a very good or useful headcanon about winter festivals during the years of the Trees, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have had Santa Claus. Anyway, I hope this isn’t too inappropriate for the time of year! Enjoy, anyway.


    “Maitimo, help me, would you?” said Nerdanel distractedly, handing her eldest son a squalling Ambarussa, who promptly tried to make a getaway. Maitimo clung to his small brother, whispering words of comfort while Nerdanel soothed Ambarto, rocking him in her arms, avoiding his tiny, flailing fists.

    “I don’t see why we have to do this every year” complained Carnistir, picking at his lumpy Christmas sweater – identical in design to his brothers’ although the eight-pointed star on each was picked out in a different colour – angrily and punching Macalaurë in the arm.

    Macalaurë let out a yelp of pain. “Fuck you, Moryo! What was that for?”

    “Macalaurë” chided Nerdanel wearily. “Not in front of the little ones.”

    “But Moryo just hit me, the little beast!” protested Macalaurë. “With all due respect, Amil, if you’re still trying to protect his innocence I think it’s a bit of a lost cause by this point - ”

    “It’s because he’s bored to death” interrupted Tyelkormo, who was lounging across three chairs, one foot on the coffee table, the other bouncing impatiently on the floor. He caught Macalaurë regarding him with distaste, smiled sweetly, and began to drum his fingers against the arm of the chair, at a fractionally different speed. “I can understand why he’s bored though. I am too” he added. “When is he going to - ”

    “Shh!” hissed Curufinwë, sinking his fingernails into Tyelkormo’s knuckles, ignoring the howl this elicited from his brother. “He’s coming now!”

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From Sato Takeru photobook ‘ALTERNATIVE’

Takeru × Taka Cross Talk<2>


-I suppose you have a variety of memories, but what is the most impressive one?

Taka: We went to Tateyama in Chiba Prefecture with our close friends. At that time, we ran out of gasoline. It was terrible and we had many other troubles but it was the most fun, I suppose. On my birthday, they got one suite of rooms at a hotel all to ourselves and held a party for me. I’ll never have a more exciting birthday in the future.

Sato: We all stayed at the hotel and we went to the Disney Sea the next day, all boys. But this guy cannot ride any rides lol.

Taka: I’m a coward. I don’t like them.

Sato: But I said, ‘It’s all right. Just ride it, and you’ll find it fun’, but he said, ‘No, no fun at all. Absolutely impossible’. But we forced him ride against his will, and as expected, no fun at all …

Taka: I got kind of angry, you know lol. But it was super exciting, that day.

Sato: At one time, it was booming among us to celebrate someone’s birthday with éclat. But it was Taka who started it. He celebrated my birthday with super éclat. In the first place, we ate out as usual … … We have some mutual friends and we usually get together and eat out on someone’s birthday. But we have so many friends that, say, it is difficult for all of us to gather together, you know. I know that really well, so I was happy enough when just five or six of them got together. Then after we finished eating, suddenly, I was made to wear a sleep shade and a head phone. With sight and hearing deprived, I was taken to some other place. After we went out of the restaurant, I was taken into a car, when he said, ‘OK, you can take your sleep shade off.’ I found I was in a limousine. ‘I prepared this limousine for you, Takeru’, he said and we drank champagne and stopped the car to take keepsake pictures at some place with beautiful scenery. At that moment I was super happy, right? It was about eleven thirty at night. Then I was blindfolded and made to wear a head phone again. I wondered where I would be taken, walking for a while. I was told, ‘Now, you can take them off’, and found myself on a ship this time. And that all my friends, even those I had given up coming, were there.


Sato: And when it was exactly 0 o’clock, they said, ‘Happy Birthday!!’ and ONE OK ROCK did a live there for me.

Taka: Yeah. And after that we went to the Disney Resort, you know. I completely paid you back double.

Sato: As for me, he did so much for me that I’m planning to do much more for him next time. I remember making a new microphone for Taka’s birthday.

Taka: Yes. And I used it during the tour.

Sato: At that time, Taka wanted to use a red mic, I suppose, but since there was no red one, he was using a mic wound up with a red packing tape. I thought, ‘Come to think of it, he is using a red mic’, and bought a common mic and asked an artist I know to process it into a red one and write a message in English in black, ‘It’s about time for alternation of generations’ in a spiral manner’.(*This is my translation from Japanese. I don’t know what is written on his mic. *by steph)

-It must have made you happy.

Taka: Couldn’t have been better. I cried.

Sato: He cried. He was crying but he drank so much on that birthday.

Taka: Stinking drunk lol

Sato: But he said, ‘I don’t remember the time when I was drinking, but the only thing I remember is I was given a mic.’ lol

Taka: Well, if we should continue doing such things, we will go bankrupt, you know. But tentatively we wanted to do such things. That reminds me. You called a hypnotic operator for me.

Sato: Oh, yes!

Taka: I told him that I had never hypnotized, and then he called a hypnotic operator. I was really hypnotized.

Sato: Saying that he would like to be hypnotized, he was really hypnotized lol. You should never do it to a vocalist because his throat is vital, but the hypnotic operator said, ‘Here is tons of wasabi (green horseradish paste). But believe me, it will taste good when I give you a cue’…

Taka: When I ate it in the normal situation, it was awfully hot and I felt I was dead… But (when I was hypnotized,) it tasted sweet.

Sato: When the hypnotic spell was broken, he said, ‘Ugh!’ lol

Taka: It tasted absolutely hot. It was the thing you should never ever do. Well, we’ve experienced so many things together. We may have more things to recall than to talk about.

Sato: (Looking at the documents) This brings back memories.

Taka: Yeah, it really does. It is the photo showing hands used in the PV of ‘C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.’ In those days I wanted to make a song of my close friends, and in its PV I put the photos showing the hands of seven friends of mine in line. Takeru’s hand is the second from the right.

Sato: Is it mine, really?

Taka: Just like mine, his palm has ‘masukake’ line (*the teso in which ‘the knowledge line’ and ‘the feeling line’ are integrated. *by steph). I have loads of memories with you, Takeru.

Sato: Exactly. I tell you what. If OOR has lives three days at Yokohama Arena, I’ll go to see all the three days.

Taka: As many as three days? I’d say lol. Don’t you get bored?

Sato: I’ll never get bored. It may depend on the mode of my feelings, but I feel happy without reason. I just want to keep listening to them. Their songs naturally make me feel so.

Taka: And that you’ve memorized all the songs, completely, right?

Sato: I watched your live DVDs.

Taka: And you’ve memorized even my talks in the live.

Sato: And I imitate your talk in karaoke lol.

Taka: And you make me sing including that part lol. Nothing could be more embarrassing!

Sato: That reminds me!! When we made friends, at first, I just made you sing a lot in karaoke lol.

Taka: I thought this guy was really rude, seriously lol. He had a big smile on his face setting the songs (in karaoke) though I said I wouldn’t sing.

Sato: Right. That was the beginning, the very beginning of our friendship.

Taka: He was awful. He did casually what others couldn’t do. Even if I hated it.

Sato: But now I can read Taka’s mood. I can tell when he hates it from when he enjoys singing. I’ve come to know it.

Taka: At first he just made me sing on end.

Sato: Including his talks in the live. I made him not just sing but reproduce the live, saying, ‘Please make it sound like the line in the live’ lol.

Taka: Those are the words that flew out of my mouth during the live, so even I myself don’t know what I said. I don’t watch the live DVD so many times. But Takeru watched all the DVDs, memorized them precisely and found it exciting, so I sang reluctantly, you know. But if I skipped a certain part, he would set the same song again. I thought, ‘Huh!?’ (*forced smile*)

Sato: Then I would say, ‘What are you doing?’

Taka: Yeah, you said, ‘You forgot something’. But you wouldn’t tell me (what was wrong). You just repeated ‘You forgot something’.

Sato: ‘It’s no good to sing in the same normal way as you did in CDs.’

Taka: ‘Sing like you did in the live’.

Sato: As I recall, the line, ‘Omaera-no Jinsei-daro! (Isn’t it your own life!?’)’ boomed among us very much, right?

Taka: Yeah, it really boomed!

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  • Question: ooh if you're still looking for cracky prompts, how about one where all of feanor's sons are 500x more interested in their aunt lalwen than in feanor. so he's like "YO CHECK OUT THESE SILMARILS. OATHS. boys?" and they're like, "whatevs, dad, aunt lalwen is teaching us how to rappel" and roll their eyes. "god he's so embarrassing." - imindhowwelayinjune
  • Answer:


    Fëanáro carried the little wooden box reverently, staring almost mesmerised into that silver light that came from it, bursting forth from three points, blinding but not painful, beautiful… the work of his own hands, making his heart swell with the joy of creation. He must find his sons, he knew, he must show them this miracle. They must be the first to see. He heard lowered voices at the end of the corridor and upped his pace a little, still staring into the bright, precious light he held out before him.

    “I’ve done it! I’ve succeeded in - ” Fëanáro stopped short in the doorway, blinking and regarding the scene in front of him curiously.

    His youngest half sister and his fifth son were sitting cross-legged on the floor, facing each other, entirely motionless and staring at one another with the utmost concentration. Curufinwë’s eyes were narrowed, the tip of his tongue protruding from between his teeth as he bit down on it. His other sons were grouped around the pair in the centre, watching with rapt attention. Fëanáro stared for a long moment. Suddenly Curufinwë blinked, and Lalwendë grinned as the child let out a string of curses that demonstrated his prodigiously developed vocabulary if nothing else, Fëanáro thought ruefully.

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Taka and Takeru jamming together in a studio (with Mr. Abs Ryota in the background).  The real life best friends totally rock!! Sugoi ne! Scan from Takeru Magazine. This is for elsiechapman, junishinobi, banenene, crism79, superfangirl, and all One OK Rock & Sato Takeru fans. <3

I hope One OK Rock will be included in the Rurouni Kenshin sequels OST.

Credit: Special thanks to ちい for happily permitting me to share her mag scan. <3

Sally!!! Thanks soooo much!!! So sweet of you!! ♡♥♡
Most OORers also hope that they’ll be in the Rurouken sequel OST!
And I also see Ryota in the background!! Weeee!!

YAY!Thanks Sally!
yees I hope they’ll own the OST again!

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when i die i want that cool thing done where they take your ashes and pressurise them enough to turn them into a precious gem. i then want that gem forged into a swords hilt so my heir can avenge me because im not dying unless im killed i can assure you


"Shhh son, Daddy’s gonna teach you how to turn a corpse into a gem now."

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Taka’s instagram (2014.08.12)

” 親友 (best friend) 

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Makalaurë and Ambarussa